About Young Adult Ministries

THURSDAYS | 6:30pm | 290s

The Young Adults Ministry exists for congregants 18-28 years of age. The focus of this ministry is sound biblical teaching, discipleship, and fellowship, with the purpose of building up men and women who are grounded in their faith, who seek to wholeheartedly commit themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ, and who have a love and desire to grow in their relationship with Him.

We welcome you to come and connect with other young adults as we seek to live faithful and honoring lives for the glory of our Savior and Master.

Meet the Director

Evan LaGue

Evan grew up attending RHCC his entire life and, after giving his life to Christ at age 11, continued to sit under sound biblical teaching in the household and through various Bible teachers, all of which nurtured and grew his relationship with the Lord. After receiving his degree in Biochemistry from CSU Fullerton, the Lord put it on his heart to serve, and then opened the door for him to serve at RHCC as the Young Adults Director. Evan is devoted to teaching young adults Scripture and discipling them in their walk with the Lord, that they would have a deep and personal relationship with Him. Evan also enjoys surfing, diving, and fishing.

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