"Membership in this church is granted to anyone who through faith in God's Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, has been born anew to a living hope, desires to live a Christian life, promises to support the total ministry of this church and to share its fellowship and obligations. It is recommended that each be baptized." | RHCC Constitution


+ Ability to vote at Congregational Business Meetings and have a voice in decision-making. These meetings are conducted a minimum of once each quarter and more often as required. Issues of budget, policy, doctrine, membership, and church purpose come before the congregation for discussion and vote.

+ Eligibility to serve as a church officer or on one of our Commissions. Commissions design and implement policy and programs for their area of ministry, and are accountable to the Church Council and congregation.

+ Eligibility to serve as a Church Elder and serve on the Church Council. The Council delegates authority and responsibility for particular Church ministries to the commissions.

+ Eligibility for support for overseas missions. Should you be called to serve as a short- or long-term missionary, membership provides you eligibility to receive financial support from the church.


  1. Submit a completed Membership Application to the church office (links below).
  2. You will be contacted by a pastor or elder to set up a membership interview. 
  3. At the next quarterly Congregational Business Meeting  the names of prospective members are read and then approved by congregational vote. 

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