hearts + hands serving Jesus



This team works to teach children about God’s Word on Sunday mornings and Tuesday Night Live, through lessons, activities, games & more. They create an environment where parents/guardians can be assured that their kids are cared for and taught about Jesus.

Commitment: Sundays | 9am or 11am Services
or Tuesdays | 6:30 - 8:30pm


This team makes sure everyone that walks into our service feels welcomed and loved. They tangibly demonstrate the joy and excitement of being in the house of the Lord and are tasked to greet attendees and guests and assist in any questions a congregant may have.

Commitment: Sundays Mornings


As an Impact or D/C Leader, you will be coming alongside and discipling our youth by spending time encouraging them in God's Word.  As a group leader, one exemplifies what it means to live as a Christian, being a source of wisdom and sharing the truth to the youth in our weeknight programs.

Commitment: Wednesdays Evenings


After each service, we have people available to pray for those and alongside all who choose to reach out.  The prayer team serves with compassion and care to listen + pray for people.

Commitment: Sunday Mornings


The parking crew members are the first people attendees and visitors see when they drive onto our campus. As a an assistant, these men & women welcome all with smiles & waves and guide drivers to find available parking.


Commitment: Sunday Mornings 


The Local Outreach Team serves to share the love of Jesus with those in our neighborhood and communities. We have various projects and events in an effort to be a light and to give hope to the lost.

Commitment: Varies


This team handles the production services that makes Sunday mornings possible. They will assist with worship and teaching slides, video production and audio for services.

Commitment: Sunday Mornings


As a creative, we seek to portray the amazing things God is doing in the hearts of our people, through creative media, which includes areas like videography, photography, and more.

Commitment: Sunday Mornings + Special Events


 As a member on our security team, you will help ensure we keep RHCC a safe place to worship. We want all of our premises to feel secure, from our children's buildings, to our tent and this team will help us retain safety.

Commitment: Sunday Mornings / Special Events


As a skilled musician, you will support worship through singing or playing an instrument for our Choir / Orchestra Worship Team.

Commitment: Thursday Evenings + Sunday Mornings

General Volunteer Signup Form

Do you have any special skills or talents? Well, we'd love to hear about what you do and find a place you can step into to use your gifts for the Church and for His glory. Please fill this form below & we'll get back to you shortly! THANK YOU!