Hello RHCC Family,

Since my last letter to you regarding the church opening we have been busily putting together a plan for the quickest and safest manner by which we can gather. We anticipated that since businesses, schools and churches were closed down incrementally, reopening would work the same but in reverse, and that is what we are seeing. We have put together a four phased process that you can see on the graphic in this email. Let me walk you through each phase:

Phase 1 // Online Services

This is where the church has been since March. There are no in-person services or on-campus gatherings. All of our ministries have been operating using technologies such as online services, video conferencing, email, etc.

Phase 2 // Home Churches

Beginning this week we are pleased to announce that we are moving into Phase 2. Just this week, our staff has come back to their offices, and we are encouraging our Life Groups to begin meeting in homes to watch the weekly service together. Both of these activities will closely follow guidelines that have been established by the CDC to ensure the safety of all. David Krall, our Pastor of Life Groups, has been reaching out to Life Group leaders this week with details and instruction. For details & information on Home Church Gatherings please download this PDF. 

Starting next week, we will also be opening our campus for Student Ministries and for Celebrate Recovery to meet in-person. All other ministries will continue to meet virtually for the time being and this will be managed by the appropriate staff member who oversees each ministry. For information on when specific ministries/groups will reopen, please contact the staff member.

Phase 3 // Gathering in an Outdoor Tent

You may recall in my previous letter that I stated that we were working on a plan that would regather the most people in the soonest and safest manner possible. I'm excited to announce that this is being put into place and we will be installing a semi-permanent tent in our parking lot, similar to the Easter tent that we use each year. We believe that this will provide the greatest amount of safety for all and will accommodate more worshippers than the sanctuary would allow with proper social distancing taken into account. During this phase we will begin the process of bringing back all on-campus ministries/groups, including reopening our Children’s Ministries.

Phase 4 // Return to Regular Weekend Worship Services

This is the final phase during which the church will resume to our pre-COVID operations without restrictions. We will continue to live-stream our services for those who may not yet feel comfortable to attend an in-person service.

I want to thank you for your patience as we have worked through a process that has sought to minister to you until we can bring everyone back safely. We will be sending out more details as plans become solidified.

God bless you,

Pastor Sam Evans
Interim Senior Pastor

Reopening Process

The graphic that we have developed is quite helpful in walking us through the process and we would encourage you to save it or print it for future reference.