Junior High students are our passion! We are a relational ministry dedicated to loving God and students. We want to reach out and connect students with peers and leaders, helping them to grow in their faith and giving them opportunities to serve their community and world.

During the school year we have Discipleship Confirmation (D/C). We encourage students to worship each weekend with their families and try our new Sunday option, Square 1. Consider joining us at future events, perhaps Summer or Winter Camp!


Since joining staff in the summer of 1997, it's been my heart to speak the Gospel truths with clarity and live it out relationally with students. I love being an advocate for all children and youth, especially those that feel marginalized, unnoticed. I'm passionate for them to see that God can accomplish great things for His Kingdom through them— immeasurably more than they could ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

I'm equally passionate about spending time with my family, especially in the mountains on hikes or star-gazing. If you ever swing into my office, you will see I like to nerd out on theology and art.


D/C is our small group ministry that runs September-May. It is the heart of Junior High ministries, and we highly encourage every student to participate. There are two parts to D/C:
"Discipleship" is the main component. The night begins with large group teaching  and then we meet in small groups (connected by grade and gender), each with a DC Leader.  Small groups are where the  Jr. High students connect to talk about the large group lesson, ask questions, make comments and share their life in a safe environment.
The "Confirmation" component is an optional program open to our 7th and 8th grade students that gives them tools to help them grow deeper in their walk with God. This option consists of the 3 essentials: Be involved in the small groups, choose and meet with a mentor, and life experiences, meaning service projects, conferences, and in 8th grade, a spiritual retreat.


The first Sunday of the month, Jr. Highers will have to opportunity to attend one of the regular worship services with their families. We call this Family Worship Weekend.

The other Sundays, students will come down to Carlson Hall for Square 1 during the 11:15 service. During our time together we will focus on creative biblical teaching and relevant applications, so that students can grow in their relationship with Christ and with others.




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