Sunday  |  May 2  |  3pm

Our Annual Congregational Business Meeting will be held online on Sunday, May 2 at 3pm. During this meeting, we will be voting to affirm the selection of Dan Burgoyne as our Senior Pastor, voting on the proposed 2021-2022 budget, open the vote for our leadership election, hear a membership update and more.
  • Voting to approve the March 14 CBM minutes, the budget, new members, and to approve Dan Burgoyne as our Senior Pastor, will be open between 3 - 9pm on Sunday, May 2. 
  • We will present the slate and open voting for Elders and Commission members during the CBM and it will remain open through 9pm on Sunday, May 9. Those wishing to vote in person may do so in the Welcome Center during business hours. 
  • You can place your votes using link below. 

You must be a member to vote. Go to for information on how to become to a member. 

Seizing this season to grow disciples and bring in the harvest.

 RHCC Mission Statement

Glorifying God by loving, discipling, praying, going, and teaching the Gospel to all generations, people and nations. 

 RHCC Vision Statement